Water and Soil

Water and Soil

Water is crucial for any living system and we always begin by looking at where our water will be coming from and how we can ensure a constant supply of water throughout the year. 

Water security and soil care are closely linked, as how we care for our soil determines how much water our land can hold, what we can grow and for how long, and soil health is an important indication of the overall health of a natural system.

These are the areas we work with:


Rainwater Harvesting


Usage and harvesting potential calculations
Guidance on appropriate systems
Linking with vendors

Water Storage

Capacity calculations and suggestions

Grey and Blackwater Management


Volume calculations
Guidance on site-appropriate systems e.g. constructed wetlands, mulch pits, baffle tanks etc
Linking with vendors

Irrigation Techniques

Water-usage calculations
Guidance on water-saving dryland irrigation techniques 

Stormwater management



Earthworks and Passive Irrigation e.g. swales, trenches, boomerangs (bundhing), rain gardens
Ponds - size calculations, sealing options, care and management

Soil Care


Cover cropping
Erosion control