Site Assessment

Site Assessment

The site assessment is a comprehensive environmental study of the land which informs all future decisions made about zoning and design.

The study provides us with a thorough understanding of the site in terms of the soil and water condition, how water behaves on the land, where the wind is coming from and how it impacts the site, and tells us about which areas will be ideal for planting and other activities.

The site assessment report will also equip the client with the information they require to make informed decisions about any future landscaping, planting or construction.  

The assessment includes:


Elevation Study  
Slope Analysis
Drainage and Watershed Mapping

Survey Map Analysis

Soil test for all required parameters along with written analysis

Soil Analysis

Solar Arcs
Light and shade mapping

Climatic and Solar Data

Topography and Vegetation


General observation data on landform, soil and rock formations
Vegetation inventory
Description and observations of vegetational health and growth patterns


Rainfall data analysis
Rainwater harvesting potential calculations

Microclimate Analysis

Mapping and description of the site's microclimates

On-ground observation and mapping of what is moving through the site and where it originates from e.g. wind, fire and rain, views, sunrise and sunset. Understanding natural and human flows and sectors (e.g. localised energy flows, human movement and interaction with the landscape etc) dictates right and relative placement of design elements.

Other Sectors and Flows