Jakkur Lake

The Earth, Water and Forest Gardens of Jakkur Lake 

(November, 2017 - Ongoing)


In 2017, Ananas started working with the Jakkur Lake community, namely the citizen’s group Jal Poshan, to bring permaculture to the urban commons. The commons here being the banks of Jakkur Lake.

The gardens are located near the fisherman's home. The Earth, Water and Forest Gardens are designed for the community.

A community that includes fishermen, garden workers, local lake users and the residents of Jakkur.

The garden has been built primarily by volunteers using local materials, native trees and plants, aquatic plants and reeds for soil building, and the reuse of runoff water from the road. The gardens are designed to provide produce to the fisher people of the lake, as well as community members who frequent its shores.