What Is Permaculture?


Pictured above is a piece of land that just over a year ago was a dry, barren plot that barely supported life. Now, it thrives regeneratively with produce, complexity and society. How was it done?
Landscapes develop over time. And human habitation is out of sync with the evolution of ecological systems. Now, more than ever. 
We need a practical, creative approach to the problem of diminishing resources and threatened life support systems. And Permaculture is one of our tools.    
Permaculture is the use of  ecological tools and principles for designing holistic system for food, water, homes and lifestyles. It integrates society and people with nature and natural systems. Its not just about farming or gardening but is a dynamic and holistic understanding of water, energy, food, shelter, spirituality, motion, decision making, sustenance and living together. 
It addresses the way we live on this planet in a graceful and healthy way, respecting the plants and animals around us, and leaving the biosphere in a more productive and healthy state than we found it. 
Permaculture design aims at crafting a living ecosystem in a way that the labyrinths of human endeavour can work with nature.