Terrarium Workshops

Closed terrariums are a wonderful tool to introduce adults and kids to ecological concepts and allow them to explore their relationship to the ecosystem they are a part of.

Through this one and half hour workshop we teach participants how to create a closed terrarium, while also exploring their place in the world with them.

This one and half hour workshop can be held in any setting.

Get in touch with us if you'd like us to hold one at your space!

Introduction to Permaculture Workshops 

We conduct introduction to Permaculture sessions, the length of which can vary from one to two-hours to longer two to three-day workshops depending on where we are and what's required. 

Some of the topics and activities included in our workshops are:
- Permaculture as a way of thinking
- Principles and design process
- Hands-on work appropriate to the site/venue
- Games and activities

Let us know if you’re interested in hosting one at your venue!