About Us


What We Do

We do ecological landscape design

Based out of Bangalore, we work in the following areas:

  • Urban Commons: lakes and parks

  • Farms: large/small, private/collective

  • Apartments and Independent Homes

  • Schools, Institutes and Industries

Our projects range from small kitchen garden design to large-scale reforestation and agriculture projects, all using permaculture strategies and approaches.

We plan whole systems and spaces that grow food, restore soil, harness and conserve water and, overtime, take care of themselves.

We are dedicated to teaching people about their land and follow a systematic process that involves the community at every stage. Through knowledge sharing we seek to empower people with the information they need to feel comfortable with the systems we create with them.


The Team

Jananee Mohan

Jananee Mohan is a Permie with a design background from NIFT. She completed her Permaculture Design course with Rico Zook and Narsanna Koppula in January 2017, and her vision is to use design thinking to integrate small scale self-sustaining systems for people to create a lifestyle that is prudent and gentle on the environment.

Spending childhood summers in her grandfather's farm shaped her passion towards natural farming and growing your own food organically and easily without any intensive external input. She also firmly believes in extending principles of permaculture to all aspects of one’s life which will directly have an effect on society to bring about a change.

Growing up in Bangalore all her life, her goals are to work with small groups of thoughtful, committed citizens to transition into meeting the human needs of a city holistically and to drive permaculture thinking into mainstream consciousness.


Kiri Meili

Kiri was born in London and moved with her mother and brother to India when she was four. She spent her formative years on a farm 100 km from Bangalore and went to school in the city.

Upon completion of a bachelors in environmental social sciences at the University of Kent in England she moved back to India, first doing urban farming and gardening workshops in Mumbai, and since 2014 has been working on permaculture projects in and around Bangalore. She did her first Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with Rico Zook in 2014, and since has done another PDC with Narsanna Koppula as well as completed her Teacher Training in 2017 with Jude Hobbs.

Knowledge sharing plays a central role in the work Kiri feels passionate about; believing strongly that the kind of change we need need in this world will come through relationships of trust, transparency and mutual empowerment.

Himanshu Arteev

Himanshu is a Permaculturist with a background in Sustainable Architecture and landscape design. In the last 8 years, his fields of work revolved around low cost architecture, landscape and water management. From there, Permaculture was only a natural progression.

He works on rainwater harvesting and wetland restoration on Bangalore's Urban Lakes with Biome and is a landscape designer for Afforestt.

He mostly enjoys working with sketches and quick on-ground, hands-on implementation.
Himanshu has lived in Bangalore all his life and sees it as his Zone 0. He feels responsible for its doing and undoing and dreams of bringing permaculture to its urban commons.