Lake Vision Documents


What is a Lake Vision Document?

It is a “way forward” document that presents and communicates a collective vision of the stakeholders and communities and the vision and aspirations of all people around the lake, and a conceptual representation of the same. A suitable design document will be a derivative of this exercise.

An LVD is dynamic, as it changes and evolves with the aspirations and goals of the communities. The drivers and primary champions of Lakes Taranuhase and Thimmasandra are Ecogram and Embassy, as we together seek to study of the existing state of ecology and raw social structure of the lake.



  • Physical survey and flora and fauna report

  • Environmental study of sectors, flows and mapping zones.

  • Community Study

  • Document Draft

  • LVD presented to the community

  • Final LVD presentation to Embassy/Synergy

  • Identifying potential DPR partners and negotiations

  • DPR work starts

  • Review & Final DPR presentation

  • Implementation

Tarahunase Lake


Thimmasandra Lake