Kunjooree Private reserve

Kunjooree Private Reserve

Karnapalli, Hosur, Tamil Nadu
(February, 2019 - ongoing)

Geetha and Manoj approached Ananas for the restoration and design of their 10 acre farm in the middle of a patch of dry deciduous reserve forest in Hosur. They are looking for self-sustainable living with forest gardens, animal systems and vegetable production.
This terraced site was bare, with only a handful of Neem trees and a few other pioneer species with the soil degraded by decades of tilling, grazing and burning. Our aim with this project is to start with earthworks and land restoration through the use of grasses and other soil building plants and trees, creating a dense and biodiverse wildlife buffer zone around the land, and designing a highly functional and aesthetic farmstead nestled between the vegetation. All while keeping external inputs as low as possible.