Design Services 

We visit your space and offer guidance on which permaculture techniques and approaches would be appropriate and why and discuss what kind of engagement with Ananas would suit the project. For this we charge Rs. 5000 (inclusive of food and transport) for areas within and around Bangalore city.

Initial Visit

Following the initial visit, we come again to do a more comprehensive study on specific priority areas and challenges. This will be supported by a report summarising our observations and inputs, along with useful information and materials (e.g. on planting, soil care), as well as contacts of vendors, suppliers and anyone else we think you should connect with.  

Visit + Consultation

Site Assessment 





The site assessment is a detailed observation and analysis of the ecological conditions and context of site, including climate, topography, vegetation, wind, water and drainage, microclimates and so on. It is a comprehensive study which is done before any changes are made to the land. The report will equip the client with the information they require to make informed decisions about any future landscaping, planting or construction. 

The site assessment will come in the form of a written report supported by maps, sketches and photographs.

Design + Guidance






A working design is created based on the site assessment and the client's vision, using permaculture principles.

The design will be presented as maps, sketches, and a written report with photographs, and important resources (e.g. vendors, useful contacts, books, websites etc)

The implementation will be the responsibility of the client with guidance from the Ananas Team. This guidance will come in the form of workshops, demonstrations, e-mail and phone conversations, and resource-sharing.

Design + Implementation through Workshops


Following the site assessment and design, Ananas will aid you in executing the design through workshops. This means, we will train you and other caretakers of the land e.g. staff, volunteers, on how to create and care for the design over frequent visits. 

Design + Implementation


Following the site assessment and design, Ananas will execute the design for you. For now, this option is only available for gardens, rooftops and balconies within Bangalore city.